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TEN DEAD MEN available on DVD
May 25th 2009

TEN DEAD MEN available on DVD
May 25th 2009

From the Conversations with Dead Men documentary I was asked to edit a short making of video for the trailer to Dark Future, an independent horror film. Although complete this project has been held up in limbo. Unsure of its current status, I’ll try to get the video, or a least part of the video online.

Conversations with Dead Men: The Making of Ten Dead Men is complete. The hour long documentary charts to making of the low budget independent action film, form its script, to casting, filming and special effects, to the final stages of editing and post production.

More information on the film can be found through the following links:


Alongside the animated films featured as part of my ongoing showreel I have also been experimenting with live action film under the name Crime City Pictures. These films are all short examples based on simple ideas helping me to develop a personel style to filmmaking, experimenting with story structure, camera set up and simple yet effective, low budget effects. These also help develop my editing and post production skills.

These films can now be seen on my YouTube channel. Follow the link below


I have also produced a live music DVD for local Stoke-on-Trent band Pseudo Japanese. For this i was required to film there first headlining gig at The Sugarmill, Hanley (, as well as producing a variety of added features. These features include a band commentary, two short featurettes, two acoustic tracks, a karaoke track.

Everyday Joe was a pet project originated when I was at college. Over the years its been ripped apart by many. However there are few who support it and therefore it will forever be a Work in Progress - I will not let it lie.

Although the ‘Everyday Joe’ project fell through due to lack of interest I still consider this project in progress. It will be completed, oh yes.
Information can be found below

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