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TEN DEAD MEN available on DVD
May 25th 2009

TEN DEAD MEN available on DVD
May 25th 2009


E4 Estings

    These two idents for E4 and E4Music were entered into the Estings 2007 competition. They are ‘Who’s Watching Whom’ and ‘Garageband’. Both completed within two weeks to meet the march 15th deadline. (Then extended by a further 3weeks after submission.)
    Garageband was on of 24 finalists in the competition.
    10 seconds each: Colour: 2007


In Case Of Zombies

    In Case Of Zombies is a parody of the American 1950’s Cold War informatin films in the vein of ‘Duck and Cover’ but providing vital information against Zombie attack.
    3 Minutes: Colour: 2005


Jonny The Pessimist

    Jonny is a pessimist and utterly depressed; nothing seems to go right in his life. He has always looked at the bad side of things, causing him to rarely leave his house. The only way he can see a way out of this life he’s created is to sell his soul to Satan to pay for happiness. Unfortunately things don’t quite work out the way he had planned.
    Narrated by John Otway (
    The film was created with 2D hand drawn animation, which was then coloured and composited in the computer
    3 Minutes: Colour: 2004


Quiet Life

    Quiet Life is my second collaboration with local band Pseudo Japanese. I was asked to create a Music Video for the first track on their ‘Diamonds & Water’ demo. For the desired effect I slowed down the audio track and recorded the visual imagery along with it. When returned back to its original speed, along with the visuals, the singing appears normal speed whilst all the background action is a lot faster.
    3 Minutes 30 Seconds: Colour: 2005



    Elasto is in essence a music video for the 1982 track ‘ELASTO’ by The Western Trio. The video footage has been treated digitally and had short animated sections layered on top to gain the finished result.
    3 Minutes 30 Seconds: Black & White: 2004


Crime City

    Crime City pays homage to the serials popular in the 1930s, such as The Crimson Ghost and The Shadow. This film represents the final episode of one such serial.
    Cutout card figures were used to capture the action with chalk details. The window shots were filmed over a light box to achieve the silhouettes.
    2 Minutes 17 Seconds: Black & White: 2002


Steel Avengers

    This film is an interview with fake Heavy Metal band The Steel Avengers as they discuss their newest music video.
    As a group project I created one section of the final three using a similar technique to ‘Crime City’ combined with video footage of the band who happen to be Jim Henson style puppets
    3 Minutes 23 Seconds: Colour: 2003


The Marl Holes Of Stoke-on-Trent

    This short documentary briefly informs of the marl holes found around the City of Stoke-on-Trent.
    It uses plastiscene to represent the clay from the holes.
    1 Minute: Colour: 2002


You can also view these films and other work on my Crime City Pictures YouTube page HERE.

All Work Owned By Peter Regan